Hello Everyone!  This first post is a little introduction to me and why I am starting this blog.  This year marks the 20th year that I have been anointing with oil and laying on my hands.  Massage is more than rubbing…it wants to be medicine…it helps your body work better!

While I worked in the hospital, and scrubbed in the operating room, I thought that massage was a luxury that rich people enjoyed because they had too much time and money.  That was before I hurt so bad that I would do anything to stop hurting.  So I laid down on a massage table and when I got up I DID NOT HURT!

My desire to learn more about this wonderous thing called massage lead me to borrow against my own 401K and enroll in an amazing school.  It was a huge step in my journey away from fear, defeat, and depression and toward joy, courage, and integrity.  (…more about those later!)

Over the years there has been a gradual letting go of the old and a gaining of courage to trust my hands, my clients, and The Universal Healing Force (God!)…The Loving, Kind, Generous, Good-Humored One; Who designed us all with the power to heal ourselves, our bodies, our lives, our space, and our world.  And in the healing of ourselves to spark healing and comfort in others.

And so, I come to the intent of this blogging endeavor;

  • Oil & Wine.  These words can mean nourishment for the body and soul.  They can refer to ancient healing techniques.  Or they can be what I do…apply oil.  And sometimes at the end of a long and ‘interesting’ day…I need some wine!
  • Health & Healing.  Subjects in which I find continual facination…physically, mentally, spiritually, environmentally.  And I will be including posts with some of the wonderful things going on out there that showcase our body’s ability to heal and our truly wonderous world.
  • Massage & Mayhem.  Don’t think the two of those go together?  OH YES THEY DO!  That would be why I occasionally just need a glass of wine!  People will be people. Whether it is clients, other therapists, crazy managers, or myself…everything from farting and freak accidents to melt-downs and murder…massage is a singularly superficial, serious, and silly profession!

You are invited to take a trip with me.  A messy walk down the road of healing, hope, and happenstance.

Thank you so much for your time and attention.  Please feel free to comment or contact me.  I so look forward to our journey together!